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Computers have become more reliable than ever, and tech hardware businesses are taking advantage of this boom by developing accessories that will help users improve their focus. Encountering some distractions while using or cleaning your computer can be remedied by organising your space and getting better peripherals for your device.

Shopping for PC accessories can be time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Try making your shopping list from these recommendations:

Bluetooth headphones

Wireless peripherals are the new norm when it comes to PC accessories, and one such device that you have to try is a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Wireless earphones are the talk of the town when it comes to a more convenient audio experience, but Bluetooth headphones can do more than that while you are on your PC.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headphones on sites like Editech, look for active noise cancelling and state-of-the-art sound technology. Aside from those, a long battery life and comfortable ear pads might just be the qualities that will put a check on your tech shopping list.

Full-size backlit keyboard

A backlit keyboard could be the key to improving the aesthetic appeal of your PC. Case in point: if you have watched live streams of PC gamers, their colourful keyboards will slightly get your attention away from their game.

The colourful lights under the keys aren’t new, they make you see what keys you are pressing if you are in a dimly lit environment. If you are looking for a backlit keyboard that will maximise your comfort while using your PC, try choosing ones that are used for gaming. This is because the keys on those types of keyboards are softer to the touch and can be wireless.

Gaming mouse

A gaming mouse is one of the most reliable PC accessories you could ever have. Even if you’re not into computer games, a gaming mouse could improve your PC’s functionality by being ergonomic, having a responsive sensor, and durable buttons. Gaming mice come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s always the right one for your budget.

There are also wireless gaming mice to lighten the load of your cable management. High-end versions of these devices are reliable enough to still function as well as wired gaming mice. Take into account the most comfortable grip you do while using a mouse while choosing the right accessory for you.

Mesh Wi-Fi router

The best way to connect your PC to the internet is through an Ethernet cable plugged directly into a Wi-Fi modem. If you can’t have that convenience, you can try connecting wirelessly via a mesh Wi-Fi router. These small devices act as extenders to your Wi-Fi modem, eliminating dead spots around your house.

Having a mesh Wi-Fi router near your PC will make your connection more reliable. Having multiple mesh routers is recommended for large homes or houses with thick walls. Some high-end mesh routers even have Ethernet ports. So, there’s no need to position your modem or PC near each other anymore.

Cleaning cloth

If there’s one thing your PC is good at other than helping you with work and play is collecting enough dust after some time. Dirty PCs must be cleaned right away to avoid performance issues and damage. Paper towels and cotton swabs are good cleaning tools for your PC, but they can fill up your garbage bin quite easily.

Microfibre cleaning cloths are the most recommended cleaning materials for PCs as they are tough and delicate at the same time. Microfibre cloths can get rid of the dirt and dust buildup on the inside of your computer even without the help of liquid solutions.

USB hub

Some laptops are getting rid of unnecessary USB hubs to make cable management easier. Yes, laptops are portable computers that do not need ports for different cables, but what if you suddenly need a USB port for your laptop? That’s why a USB hub is a must-have for your computer.

What about your desktop at home? Don’t desktops have enough ports for any cable imaginable? Yes, but you have to move your bulky system unit to access those ports. Try moving your system unit only once for your USB hub making every port you need is within reach.

Under-desk mount

Cable ties are the go-to for keeping your wires from being an entangled mess. You can’t just leave those wires lying around on the floor as they might break. Fortunately, under-desk mounts are available to give your cables something to hang onto.

There are under-desk mounts that are strong enough to carry small CPUs or uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). Some under-desk mounts also have extra space for headphones or are adjustable to accommodate any CPU size or as many cables as possible.

Zippered cable sleeve

The next step in cable management has taken the form of sleeves that can be fastened and undone by zippers. If you think cable ties won’t fully protect your wires from being gnawed by rodents, for example, a zippered cable sleeve might give you the protection you need. The sleeve is made of polyester, so you can be sure it will last a long time.

Some zippered cable sleeves also have buckles that allow you to extend them if you have longer cables. Wires that are inside the sleeves are easier to hang on your under-desk mount, so there’s no reason for you not to have one of these.

Surge protector

Powerful PCs consume so much electricity that a power surge is a possible hazard. The best way to avoid a power surge from affecting your PC is through a surge protector. This device looks like a power strip with multiple outlets but it has voltage-sensitive components that protect your computer from damage.

The voltage-sensitive components of a surge protector can show you how much power it had absorbed from a power surge. When you buy a surge protector, you have to take note of how many joules it can absorb. If the device reaches the limit stated on its packaging, it’s time to buy a new one.

Portable hard drive

A portable hard drive is a device that acts as additional storage space for your PC. Obviously, this is one of the most important accessories you can have as it can also act as a backup for all your important files. Hard drives have disks that determine how quickly it can transfer data to another device, just like the hard disk drive inside your PC.

The best portable hard drives have a storage capacity of at least one terabyte. If you want a bigger capacity, there are hard drives that are physically larger. Keep in mind that the performance of external hard drives depend on its storage capacity.

Tips for choosing the best PC accessories

You may have already completed your shopping list to make your PC better, but you still have to be careful when choosing which peripherals to add. Here are some tips to make your tech shopping easier:

Know which accessories you want to buy

There’s no need to force yourself to buy every accessory on the given list at once. To avoid a budget blowout, try arranging your shopping list according to priority. That way, you can choose which accessories you will buy first and which ones can be bought later.

Plan your budget

The first step to planning your budget is to check out sites that recommend the best accessories for your PC and to know how much they cost. If you have chosen which accessories to buy, you will have an idea how much money to save up.

Compare prices between online shops

Comparison shopping is a no-brainer for those who want to save as much money as possible while shopping. This method is easier if you are used to looking for PC accessories online. While you’re at it, you might want to check the shipping fees of low-priced items as well.

Look for special promos and discounts

You could stumble across a site that offers discounts on select PC accessories while you are comparison shopping. Check out that site for any bargain items you could take advantage of. Special promos such as free shipping or freebies might also serve you well.

Try buying accessories from a reputable brand

Being brand-conscious isn’t always bad. If you have visited multiple tech review sites already, you will notice the same brands uttered over and over in most articles. Try looking for the products on offer from these brands and see if your budget can accommodate them.
Sometimes, what your PC needs is some add-ons to your hardware to serve you better, whether you are working or playing. Taking a look at some of the recommendations on this list might help you choose the right peripherals to make your PC’s performance better. Feel free to check out Editech’s listings online to get you started in your shopping!

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